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Wednesday, 1 March 2017
Toxic Town




Congoleum demolition on Sloan Rd Hamilton NJ


Residents in Hamilton, NJ, Mercer County are very worried. They are worried because their leadership again remains silent on a critical issue. 


For several months the old Congoleum site on Sloan Rd has been in demolition mode.  Over the past week a unique thing has been happening. 



There are numerous dead geese scattered near the site on a daily basis. Why are all the geese all of the sudden dying since the active demolition at the site?  We have not had a lot of rain and on numerous days during residents daily exercise runs,there are dust clouds that blow through the neighborhood from the site. It's overwhelming. 


Initially, during the demolition there were water trucks out there, but that lasted just a few days.  The team drivers driving the demo equipment are also not wearing protective gear. That is not acceptable. They are being exposed to all the toxins on that site. Residents were under the impression that there was a lot of soil, water and other remediation to be done prior to demolition. Everyone is very surprised to see the demo taking place at the expediated rate that it is.

Residents have contacted the township and have received zero response in regards to all these dead geese and the dust plumes. The residents deserve answers.

In July 2015 forms were submitted to indicate that liquid phase phthalate had be found at the site.  The detrimental effects of these contaminates are pretty severe.

This is a repeat performance by the township leadership. During the demolition of the American Standard factory, allowed contaminates to blow around to the detriment of the residents.  The mayor of the time issued an executive order to stop construction and mandate processes to ensure the safety of the public due to the issues.

The residents of the Cornell Heights area deserve a SAFE ENVIRONMENT. This is not acceptable in the eyes of the residents.  The residents  have asked  the DEP for a detailed report and update on what is going on at the site remediation. They want to know what has been done to the surrounding areas to protect the safety of the environment, the waterways and the residents.  The detrimental effects of these contaminates at the site can be pretty severe.

The residents of the Cornell Heights in Mercer County, Hamilton Township, area deserve a SAFE ENVIRONMENT! the lack of continued response from the leadership is not acceptable. So residents reached out to the DEP and they look forward to their response.

We hope to see in the near future a detailed report and update on what is going on at the site remediation. They have also asked the DEP what they are doing to ensure the safety of the surrounding Miry Run area, and the waters surrounding the area, since the demolition began.

Posted by tammyduffy at 8:18 AM EST

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