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Sunday, 8 April 2018
Pregnancy and Corporate America

Pregnancy and Corporate America
When a male manager says to a female subordinate, "You would have made your budget for the year, if you did not have a baby." That is a statement representative of lawsuit just waiting to happen. It is radically unacceptable in any setting to say this to a woman. When the statement is embraced by leadership, that is a culture that is in need of optimization. 
Women have been bearing the brunt of the collective stupidity of civilisation for a long time now. For the past few centuries, from the suffragette movement, to the first, second, and third wave feminist movements, men and women have stood up to question prevalent mind-set. But the separation continues. Why? No one seems to know. Some blame God, others blame the government. But there's hardly anyone who blames himself or herself for having fallen for a division that pits one half of the world's population against the other. The effects of this separation can be best studied in ways in which it has been brought about via a practise called the totalitarian tiptoe - where various forms and degrees of suppression and control tiptoe over centuries to gain complete dominance. We all have heard the adage divide and rule. The complete statement however is – divide man against woman and rule. Until we understand that no such division occurs naturally, we will continue to demean ourselves and the women of our planet by asking them, especially women who wear the pants at work, these childish questions.
Anyone who is anyone is so because they have worked towards getting there regardless of their gender. Sure, there are discrepancies here and there, especially among the most celebrated occupations of our times, but to conclude that women simply cannot be at the top, on basis of popular opinion which in turn in based on a fictional TV show, is a sign of a decaying society. 

While not much good can be said of today's education system, their institutions still remain the only way to certify one's talent. That is to say, there are both women and men passing out from some of the most prestigious educational institutions of the world, every day. And both, men and women, more often than not, give it all they have to pass with flying colors to get smashing degrees under their belt. If they both got this far by their own personal virtue and skills, how can differences occur from the moment they enter an office and get wider till they leave it?

 A woman who is a CEO is a CEO because she knows what she is doing and her efforts have been recognised. A woman who is a senior manager is in that position because she is good at what she does and knows how to deliver. Period. In questioning a female colleague's ability to perform a difficult task, just shows willful ignorance on the part of the person concerned and should be dealt with appropriately. However, when a woman is in a leadership position and her main focus is moving up the ladder, that is a recipe for disaster. All those below her suffer. When she ignornes bad behaviors of her subordinates to not upset the "boy's club", that is a bad place for women to work.   

 Going to work every day with the same people requires skillful relationship management. There may be personal conversations that occur and you may even forge friendships with coworkers – it’s often encouraged through company team-building events and activities these days. But, it’s important to remain professional with all coworkers, including your boss. While you want to build a strong relationship with your manager, it’s best to avoid mixing business and pleasure.


Posted by tammyduffy at 1:58 PM EDT

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