Celebrity Fashion Show Dec 2012

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DUFFY Celebrity Fashion Show at the Trenton Social in Trenton, NJ

Click here to view the celebrity fashion show from Dec 2012 at Trenton Social in Trenton, NJ




This fashion show was to celebrate women in NJ. Important political figures, small business owners, a CEO of a NJ hospital, Educators in NJ, Business development managers and the next generation of leaders participated in this event. These women are phenomenal women. Women who manage to do more than the rest of us, and who make the world a better place to be because of their actions. These women go above and beyond in their professions and add things like volunteering, philanthropy and activism to their resumes. These amazing women are all role models to others and I am so blessed to have them wearing my garments in this show. A celebration to them and all they do every day.
Make the world your runway in 2013!