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Tammy's art bio
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Tammy Duffy was born on

February 3, 1966 in Trenton, New Jersey to her father, John and mother, Joan. Her father painted as a hobby and was an industrial engineer by trade.  Duffy’s mother raised three children and ran the family steel construction business for 30 years, before recently retiring. Her father believed that creativity was an important tool in life and encouraged Tammy to respect other's creativity as well as her own.  He also taught her that one must always give back to society what successes society has brought to them.

Duffy began painting ten years ago and is a voracious reader of the arts and visits galleries and museums constantly.  She attended Thomas Jefferson University received her Bachelor's in Advanced Diagnostic Imaging and went on to complete her Masters and PhD in Physics.  She has published papers in the field of physics.

Duffy is a self-taught artist.  Her most recent exhibit (this was a group expo) was at the Dark Horse Creek Gallery  in Erieville, NY. And she has pieces on display at  the I. Brewster Gallery in Philadelphia, PA.

Duffy currently lives in Hamilton, New Jersey with her family and two little dogs, Ginger Louise and Margarita Louisa. The interior of her home is a museum of her work, friend’s artwork and many other artists.  Her mother recently said, “Your house looks like a museum.”  There are over 400 pieces of art in her home and this fact  allows her to sleep in a museum every night, her home. Duffy smiled broadly when her mother made this comment and realized that this is true happiness for her. Her favorite hangout is any museum/gallery with fantastic art. Caravaggio, being of one her favorite artists, and Rome being one of her favorite places to visit, bring Duffy extreme happiness. The beauty of Caravaggio brings tears to her eyes every time.

 Art brings life and happiness to those who experience it and embrace it.  Everyone should embrace art with the utmost passion. In doing so, not only does one see beauty but they become it.

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