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Tammy Duffy, PhD, Abstract Artist
Mobile: 646-717-7494
email: tammy.duffy@yahoo.com

Artist's Statement
I like to think that somehow, some of my fascination with creating abstract art has come from the love I have for my father as well as for the people I create my art for. I started painting 10 years ago and have grown as an artist through experiences and formal training. I am an accomplished physicist who switched to art but still dabbles in physics. The physics informs the art. I am rarely without my tools of the trade since I began 10 years ago and these tools have been a tool in my learning and teachings in life.

I make abstract paintings that help me to reveal what I feel about the natural world: its colors shapes, textures, lines, and forms. My background in science supports my visual expressions on the canvas where my goal is to make a connection between myself and the observer. I hope my work inspires the observer, subconsciously or not, to develop his or her own special vision and see beauty where one might not even know to look. My mind is my brush and I use it to create images that transcend the ordinary. I must know exactly how each will visually express the thought that is painted on my canvas.
My years as a physicist have helped me refine and express to my collectors a myriad of visual concepts, thereby becoming a better artist. Now is the time for me to transcend the artistic world and let my paintings stand alone to resonate with new audiences.

PhD. in Physics, 1989, Radiation Science Program
Masters in Physics with a Major in Health Physics
Bachelors Degree in Diagnostic Imaging
Associates Degree in Applied Science

Art Education

One hour watercolor class at the Grounds for Sculpture
Several art history classes at a multitude of museums and the Univ. of Pennsylvania
Basic 35mm SLR photography class by Nikon
Basic Drawing Class: SVA NYC
Drawing II class
Hand Drawing class
Painting and Collage Class
Multiple art history lectures

Selected Solo Exhibitions
Paterson Museum, Paterson, N.J.: July-Sept 2005
Long Island Science and Technology Museum, Garden City, NY : Aug 2005
First Annual Long Island Tech Fest, Aug 2005

Permanent Collections
Chelsea Art Museum
Paterson Museum
Michael Ingbar Gallery
Athens Cultural Society
Brazilian Cultural Society
Selected Group Exhibitions
Dark Horse Creek Gallery in Erieville, NY. ,Summer 2004
I. Brewster Gallery, Philadelphia, PA, Summer 2004
Agora Gallery, NYC , Jan 2005
Cork Gallery, Lincoln Center, NY Oct 2005
Amsterdam Whitney Gallery, NYC, June 2006
Fusion Art Museum, Group sculpture show, NYC, May 2006
MIWAA, New Art Center: Group show, NYC, Jan 9 - Feb 3, 2007
Ward Nasse Gallery, Soho, NYC. Group show: Sept-March 2007
Exhibition in Municipal Library B. Lemos, Mariana, Brazil, May 1-23,
Exhibition in the House Study of Deia Loyal, Mariana, Brazil, May
19,20, 2007
Exhibition Museum Casa Alphonsus of Guimaraens, Mariana,
Brazil,May 30- June 10, 2007
Amsterdam Whitney Gallery, July 1-31, 2007
International Art Exhibition, Granada, Spain, Nov-Dec 2007
Saatchi Gallery, London England, 2007
Cradle Project 2008,New Mexico
Amsterdam Whitney: July 2008
Raandesk Gallery NYC :2009-2010
International Art Exhibition: 2010
Athens Biennial: Oct 2010
ArtSlant: 2010
ValWeb 2009
TalentHouse: Creative Collaboration
Group shows in Russia and Vienna in 2011
Odessa Art Museum Ukraine: 2012 Group photography
ArtChina group show: 2012
Turkish embassy group show: 2013
ArtBasel Miami: 2013
Art Mexico City group show: 2014
Ukraine art gallery group show: 2014


Fiend Magazine, March issue 2006, An interpretation of the painting La Tempesta, Giorgione
2006/2007: Art International. Top Emerging Artist for 2006/2007
Fiend Magazine, June/July Issue 2006, A Celebrity interview with Baird Jones on Why Celebrity Art
Aquarian Magazine, July 2005: Peter Falk exhibition, art review
Aquarian Magazine, Sept 2005: Art for a Cause, art review
Trentonian Newspaper and blog.multitude of stories on art, fashion and community events
My Trend Fashion magazine
Dalliance Fashion magazine

In 2004, I participated in a beautification project within the public school system in Harlem, NY. I painted a mural on the side of one of the grammar schools, right near Harlem Hospital. I am also an active volunteer with the Free Arts NY organization.

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